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Attractions of Cameron Highlands

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The various wonderful attractions of Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands AttractionsWhen you are really looking for the most beautiful as well as the most expansive locations on earth, then you must surely visit Cameron Highlands. This is the place that really serves to be a wonderful location and is also filled with some of the greatest recreation and activities to be done here. This place is completely filled with forests and you will be very premature to judge that there is nothing exciting at all to be done here. You need to know of all of the locations in this region in order to get a complete idea of how exotic, varied and breathtakingly beautiful the Cameron Highlands can be.


The Mossy forest of Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands MalaysiaThe first thing that you need to be visiting here is the Mossy Forest. These forests which are the almost highest mountains of the Cameron Highlands have the complete ability of stripping the clouds of the moisture. It is due to this reason that they are known as the moss forests or also the cloud forests. The general appearance of all of the forest trees are usually dwarfed to the height of about 10meters in this region. You will find a lot of mosses and ferns like that of liverwort, general mosses and ferns, fern allies, many types of pitcher plants and also other exciting attractions. These forests in this region also have the wonderful mystical appearance of the forests used in the movies Harry Potter and also Lord of the Rings.


 The Boh Tea center

The Boh Tea center is another must visit place in the region of the Cameron Highlands. There are many different types of strawberry farms that are located here. There is a really novelty chance of enjoying some of the best strawberries and also the strawberry cream ice-creams. These have made this location a really attractive place for all of the ice-cream loving tourists in the region. The Cameron Valley is another wonderful location that is completely filled up with a tea-estate and also many other novelty shops. 5 km from the area of the Ringlet road on the Tanah Rata Region is a really great tea-shop where you can kick back and enjoy the best tea in the coolest of climates.

The wonderful Rafflesia Tour

Rafflesia Cameron highlandsThe Rafflesia Tour is a complete tour that must be done by every person who visits this region. This is a really exotic plant that consists of the some of the best properties. A walk through the bamboo forest and also the Hill Dipterocarp forests will reveal this awesome location with its great features. There are many tour shops in this location that can give you the Rafflesia tour but take care to choose one that will get you to the place without a mud road here.

The flower nurseries in this region consist of some fresh flowers that one can really enjoy and also take amazing photographs of. The flower nurseries are all located in the hilly inclines and they can provide you with some of the spectacular views that are available. If you are interested to know more about Cameron Highlands hotels, read more here.


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Cameron Highlands Attractions

Landmarks/Monuments                  Attractions                 Things to do    Famous Streets                
 Orang Asli Settlement   Raju Hill Strawberry Farm     Bharat Tea Plantation    Brinchang Town
 Galleria Time Tunnel   Robinson Waterfall    Vegetable Farms    Tanah Rata
 Rose Garden   Butterfly Farm    Honey Bee Farms    Puncak Arabella
 Gunung Brinchang   Hutan Lipur Parit Falls    Orang Asli Village                  
 Orang Asli Settlement   BOH Tea Estate    Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation  
 Lockout Tower Mt. Brinchang   Wild Orchid Farm    Raju's Hill Strawberry Farms  
 Mossy Forest   Big Red Strawberry Farm    Wild Orchid Farm  
 Ee Feng Gu Honeybee Farm   Multicrops Central Market      
 Rose Centre   Kasimanis Strawberry Farm      
 Traveler Pub & Bistro      

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